Another great one, Sam. Best takeaway: "My beliefs about desires, motivation, and goals may differ from yours. Explore for yourself to create your own playbook for when things are challenging."

Your fitness journey is different from my fitness journey is different from anyone else's fitness journey. There may be some overlap (maybe even significant!) -- but at the end of the day, each of us has a different end point we're working toward.

This piece really connected for me the conversation you and I have had about competition in the past -- and I'm paraphrasing here, so please correct me -- where it's easy to feel tension between wanting to be "the best" at something (whether that's a lifting PR, winning a race, whatever) vs. the desire to make your exercise intuitive. I'm realizing now, for me, competition and "pushing myself" is intuitive fitness. I get motivated by getting better -- so now I'll embrace that and really put the beat down on your in our combine!

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In the parking lot of my gym and just finished reading this. A great little piece with thoughts that I’ll take with me as I enter into this workout.

Thank you for this 👏🏾

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